International Mother Language Movement

International Mother Language Movement (IMLM) is a community based platform in Canberra dedicated in highlighting the importance of preserving all the languages across the world especially endangered languages in a multilingual and multicultural context. We are committed to sensitizing the various Australian Governments, various communities about the necessities of taking appropriate measures to protect and preserve all the spoken languages including indigenous languages as a means to strengthen the multicultural bond. We believe mother language is an indispensible element of cultural identity and protecting and preserving all the languages across all communities will lead to a more cohesive society based on equity and eliminate the scope of an important source of cultural discrimination.

IMLM Vision

We will promote linguistic diversity and develop a multilingual society to preserve cultural pluralism and greater understanding, trust, tolerance and mutual respect across all communities.

IMLM Mission

We will establish International Mother Language Day as a day of great/national significance by bringing people from different communities to a common ground to celebrate the value of unity through linguistic and cultural diversity.